A Mess

I still only technically work in the Middle East. The VP here has taken me on and assumes that I am already working here permanently as have the two area manager that I work with. I don't mind this because it is my intention to take the job as long as the money is right and as long as the allowances that I was promised and need in order to live comfortably like I would in the States. However at this very moment, the limited amount of information I have tell me that the housing allowance that I need to live here is not coming because of an incompetent HR manager who believes that people can and should live hours away from their office. Sometimes you get tired of dealing with stupid people.

The problem I see with this is that I only have 13 days left of my 3 month visit, and to find an move into a comfortable place in 13 days in virtually impossible let alone having to wait for them to amend the contract in order to get the correct amounts in it which has taken well over a month to write the first time.

The biggest thing that angers me is that I specifically told them what the cost was going to be and that I expected it, they agreed to it, and then changed it. So I have a couple of weeks and it is possible that I may not accept this position.