12 hours to go

12 hours until the flight home.

It is really too bad I didn't take my camera with me yesterday as we went on an enormous ferris wheel type deal that took us around 42 stories high. After that we went for some food right on the water front. We had steamed prawns, fried baby squid, bbq squid, and chili crab. The chili crab was incredibly good. Everything else was pretty good too.

After that I took a short walk around the hotel area just to see what was around.

Today I took a walk down Orchard Road, famous to tourists I guess. There is quite an amazing shopping area which lasts many miles. Everywhere you go seems really small until you realize that they build up, so the "mall" type area that you are in gets larger as you notice that it goes up 5 or 6 floors. Everything is negotiable, and though there are some things that I was looking for, I don't know that I would have been able to get it home easily.

The food is really incredible here, especially the fish. I highly suggest living off of seafood while you are here if you happen to come.

I got post cards off to the pertinent nieces.