Just Another Day

Work is going pretty well, I find that more and more of the District and Area Managers are finding out who I am, since they were never formally notified of my presence and position. The conversations are typically the same, yeah Nick and yeah we are splitting the region for inventory purposes, and yeah I am So and So's new manager, and yeah I will be to "insert Country name" in order to meet you and your Marketing guys.

I think it is funny that not only do we keep secrets when they should be kept as a company, but we keep them even when the information should be very public.

In other news, I am the owner of 2 driver's licenses as of today. I have one from Texas and one from Dubai. I am also the driver of a not-so-impressive Honda Civic. I should start working on my residence visa now so I can get a car I want and not just what the rental company has. I am just happy that I won't have to catch taxis in the morning to get to work and try to direct a driver to the office in the afternoon. Also, if I am going to die, now it will be because I am a bad driver, not because of a taxi driver that has no patience.

My first trip is coming up in a couple of weeks to Saudi Arabia, then Oman a couple weeks after. If all goes like I heard it was going to, I should be in Houston some time in April. Basically the next couple of months seem like they will be spent on a plane. If I plan my trips properly, I can work three day weeks though, and that would be nice.