Dubai Marina and More

Today I really got a chance to walk around the area that I live in. I can walk to the beach in about 10 minutes, but I am only seconds from the actual marina. It is really a neat place. For the last week I have stayed relatively close to my apartment, just for the ease of getting home again, but now I know where I live and can guide any taxi driver to my place.

I found a really good grocery store and some other restaurants. I got pretty close to some of the more luxury apartments in this area, it is hard to believe they get nicer than where I live. I also found where they are building a new mall, smaller than any of the others, close to my apartment. This would make life easier. I should also explain that malls here are completely different than what I would normally refer to as a mall. Inside you won't just find normal shopping type places, but you will also find a grocery, car rental places, big electronic stores (ie Best Buy) and all kinds of other things that I am not accustomed to seeing in malls (ie a ski slope and hotels).

Following a long excursion around the Marina area I decided that I wanted to see a movie, so I headed to the only theater that I know so far and that is at the Mall of the Emirates, sadly the Nick way of seeing movies did not work out today, the only thing playing close to when I got there was Rambo.

I should say I highly suggest this movie if you want to sit through an hour and a half of amazing killing, explosion, blood and occasionally guts. Also, I would suggest seeing it if you are a die hard Stallone fan like me! It was a no thinking movie, there is nothing even remotely intellectual about this movie, though they tried to make it a little (I think).

After the movie I took a long walk around the mall and scoped out a couple of electronics stores and some camera stores, where I picked up a new lens for my camera that was suggested to me by a friend. I was also able to get my eye exam for my drivers license and photos for my drivers license.

I also found a new way to get home, I don't think it was any faster, but the cab driver thinks it is, so I let him do it.

Ultimately a productive day and I got out to see some things that I hadn't previously seen.