Upcoming Travel

In a short 19 days I will be on a 24 hour flight from Houston to Dubai. Emirates Airlines just started offering this non-stop flight and as far as I know, my boss and I will be the first two to use it to get to Dubai(from the company), there are some other people going with us, but they will be flying the day prior and stopping off in Amsterdam.

With a full 24 hours on a plane, I will be testing the full extent of iTunes movie rentals, and though I have already tried it and enjoy it, I am a little unimpressed with the selection that I have seen so far. I am hoping that they have power on the flight so I can watch this stuff on my computer.

I have put up a link for a message board that I have been thinking would be a good way to keep in contact with multiple people at once, but if it doesn't get used I will probably take it away. The board will give people the opportunity to post pictures and such. I will most likely be using my Flickr account to post pictures while I am away.