On our way back to Midland today, my brother and I stopped at Sonic for a couple of burgers. We got in line in the drive thru at around 10:20. At around 11:00, we made it all the way through the five car line and started our way out of town. I opened the bag to crab my hamburger and found it not in the bag.

So, I put the truck in reverse and went back back down the road, turned around and went inside the store. I told the lady at the counter that I had waited in line for 40 minutes and that they had forgotten to put my food in the bag. I asked that they get me a hamburger and asked to talk to the manager.

I was told that they were making the burger and that the manager had been informed that I wanted to talk to him. After 10+ minutes, they brought my hamburger out and said that the manager was busy. After an hour long delay for a 2 hour drive I told the lady at the counter that she could tell the manager (who I found out was the owner) that he had an incredibly frustrated customer and that I was no longer going to wait.

During my wait there were several other people who didn't get the food they had ordered, to which I pointed out they seemed to be making a lot of mistakes. She told me that they were busy and entitled to make mistakes. To this I responded, you sure are making your fair share today. After that she offered me another drink or fries to make up for the mistake, to which I responded, why would I want another drink or another order of fries.

I think a fast food restaurant should be able to handle 5 cars in the drive thru and 5 customers inside all at the same time without having such delays. Less the McDonalds in Midland, this is the poorest service I have ever recieved from a fast food restaurant.