What started out as a typical Tuesday became anything but at around 9am.

On Tuesdays I put together my orders for my stock points and then put them in the system. It typically takes me until around non to get it all done. But at 9am, I was asked a very opened ended and relatively worrying question via email, "Do you own a passport." A few minutes later I received another email, "Don't worry about it, we will let you know." Followed by a third email that said, "Get your passport taken care of, you are going to Aberdeen for a month."

Through the course of the day I worked out all the details of being gone for a month at work, and at around 5pm I confirmed everything and got a ticket to Aberdeen by way of Houston and Amsterdam. I am leaving on Friday the 12th of October and should be back on the 13th of November. I was informed by my boss that I am not allowed to meet a Scottish girl and stay there, but I was free to meet them and bring them back.

I am now working on getting a passport in a little over a week and getting everything at home in order prior to leaving. It is going to be a fun week from now until next Thursday.