The Oddities

I am still pretty tired. Stayed up until 9pm local time and then slept until 8 this morning. I may have to take a nap today. However, I think if I needed to I could probably go to sleep. I have spent the morning wondering whether Mark, Sara, and Paul finished up with all 6 Star Wars movies yesterday.

Anyway, here is a post I wrote last night prior to bed:

First, the biggest hassle thus far is that I basically have to start up my hot water heater when I want hot water. So prior to taking a shower I have to walk into the kitchen and start the heater, then wait a few minutes, then go start the shower.

The next problem has to do with that too. By turning the temperature of the hot water up so that I can take a shower, I am also turning the hot water on that heats the house, thus the house starts to get very warm, so I have to open a window to cool it down.

It took me roughly an hour to cook a frozen pizza in my oven, I think this has more to do with the fact that I don’t understand the oven more than anything, but it still sucks.

My dishwasher is a box that sits on the counter, and my clothes washer also dries clothes, which seems to be common as I watched a few television shows where people had the same thing.

The Grocery store is more like a big 7-11, which I actually kind of like. Basically they have everything you could need, but there isn’t an enormous selection. So you can get Frosted Flakes, but you can’t choose from 40 different off brands. You can get frozen pizza, but you can only get cheese or pepperoni, nothing else. Speaking of groceries, I bought a 2 liter bottle of Coke, the bottle is tall and not fat. It is odd because of the way I am used to seeing bottles.

On top of everything, this country is crazy expensive. A gallon of gas costs almost 10 dollars by the way I figure it. A loaf of cheap bread cost almost 4 dollars. The only thing that is cheaper is beer. I think a six pack of good beer cost me something like 4 dollars. Though, Corona was around 10 dollars for a 4 pack.