Where I Bitch About an Apple Product, No, Really

This past weekend I happened to be in Dallas. I had two things on my agenda while I was there.

1. Visit and Apple Store
2. Visit Cabelas

The best way to achieve my first goal was to go there on the way into town. I had some questions to ask, so on my drive I called and made an appointment at the Genius Bar. I was also interested in purchasing a few products.

This will be my first disappointment in Apple. I walked in the door and told them that I had an appointment in 20 minutes at the Genius Bar. The guy quickly logged me in and walked away. The reason I had arrived early was to pick up my products prior to the appointment. So I had to track down another employee, which took about 15 minutes to find someone that was free of stupid people asking questions about how a Mac compared to a Dell. I think those stupid fuckers should be thrown out of the store immediately for not doing any research prior to butting in on the time of people who know what they want.

But, I digress. The two products I was going to purchase were Apple Care for my phone and the Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset. Neither are on the shelve, you have to ask for both of them. So, the guy I finally got to help me goes and procures from some back room both of my products and checks me out about 30 seconds prior to my appointment, at which point my name is called and I get on with the question asking. This was the source of my post the other day about keeping the phone in a case and charging while in a case.

I had used my Bluetooth headset while driving back from Dallas and while I was in my apartment, but I hadn't used it while moving around. There in is where my bitch to Apple is. Apparently, there are a lot of things this phone has problems with when surrounded by a thin piece of fabric. The headset has an inordinate amount of interference when the phone is in my pocket or my my case. Last night I spend 45 minutes on the phone with an Apple guy who believes, and I agree, that this has more to do with the earpiece than the phone. Either way I am going to return the thing or have it replaced.

End of bitching