Michael Moore Knows More Than You

... and me for that matter.

This post is really just my impression of an interview, which I will link to later, Wolff Blitzer had with Michael Moore.  Mr. Moore can win any debate because he refuses to let anyone else talk, I think this was a pretty apparent tactic during this interview.

A few things about this interview that you should watch for:
1. Michael Moore asserts that if the press had questioned the government about the war in Iraq, or maybe he was saying they should have scolded the government for the war, that the war would be over.  I guess the press has a lot more power in government than I originally thought.

2. Michael Moore thinks that advertisements on news stations should be regulated, or maybe that they shouldn't have advertising at all.  Maybe he doesn't realize that television stations are businesses and need to make money.  I understand that by making movies, that Michael Moore makes money.  Maybe he should start allowing people to see his movies for free so that they can get his much needed information.

3. If Michael Moore disagrees with you then you are wrong.  You are not allowed to have an opinion, but he can have any opinion that he wants.

Thats it.  Disagree with me if you like in the comments section, or add your own thoughts of this interview.

Also, I wasn't going to get into this, but I went to find the video and was peeved by some comments that I read.

1. If universal health care is so good, then why do the rich pay for their medical services?
2. Can there be advances in health care if no one makes money on it? (ie new drugs and new techniques)
3. Does Michael Moore have courage for saying what he does, or does he pander to a specific audience?

Thats it.