Denver & More

My quick trip to Denver went well. My Brother's family and I left Thursday after work and drove into Denver. It took quite a while because of some traffic in southern Colorado, but we still arrived around midnight local time. Friday I spent some of the Day at the Apple Store delivering my brother's computer to them so that they could fix a couple of persistent problems he has been having with it since he got it. I then hung out with my family until around dinner time and ten went to Mark & Sara's house and hung out then went to Dinner.

I went to the Apple store and purchased my iPhone, which I had decided I was going to do a couple of months ago, canceled my old service, and then decided I was not going to do it. Then I won a little bit of money and decided that maybe I would, but I still wasn't totally decided. I made the decision in Denver that I would like to get one, but would not sacrifice time with my family and friends to get one. They still had many available when I went to get mine.

Saturday I played golf with my Brothers, brother-in-law, and Dad. I didn't do to bad. I normally score a little better, but I had a couple of really bad holes and I wasn't sure how to play a couple of them, like I do with the courses here in Midland. After golf, I went to a wedding for a buddy of mine from High School. It was pretty good to see some of the people I haven't seen in at least 8 years.

Sunday I ate breakfast with the family, then met Mark and Sara for coffee, then met with Travis for a movie.

Initially we were slated to leave Monday morning, but we decided to hang around and go to the zoo with my nieces from Denver and my niece from Midland. We spent quite a long time there and it was fun. Monday night we had dinner at Old Chicago and played a couple of games of Scene It.

We left Tuesday morning around 10 local time and arrived at around 10 local time, we stopped for lunch in Pueblo and Dinner in Lubbock, so all told it took us around 9 hours.

And then there is the more...
Travis and I saw Live Free or Die Hard which I can suggest because it was a really fun movie and Kevin Smith was hysterical, there was also a brilliant Star Wars joke.

Today I saw Transformers. I will also suggest this movie because it was also a lot of fun. A few things aside, it was really interesting to watch. The story line was ok, but the movie as a whole more than made up for a so-so story. Also, I was one of very few that laughed at the line, "This is like a thousand times better than Armageddon!"