New Colorado Slogans

A friend of mine told me today of a program to give away free t-shirts regarding Colorado. I made a couple of suggestions, and it was suggested that I post them, they are as follows:

(anything with an ellipses indicates front and back of shirt)

Colorado is colorful, go to Red Rocks!

In Boulder smoking pot is acceptable, light a phatty

Ft. Collins? More like Ft. Fun, There has got to be something to do there, it's a college town

Pueblo, the smell goes away pretty quickly

Castle Rock, Land of a thousand outlet stores... And theres a Wal-Mart too

See all your friends from Texas ... In beautiful Highlands Ranch

Do you like Coors? Someone within ten feet of you peed in the lake they get the water from ... now that's what we call 'Cold Refreshing Mountain Water' (the back of this shirt was written by Sara)

Trinidad ... You're almost to New Mexico (there were too many easy jokes for this one)

Durango ... There's a Chinese restaurant and it's really far away

Greeley, Yeah we said Greeley

Go Watch the Crush, John Elway played for the Broncos

Colorado Mammoth & Colorado Outlaws Lacrosse ... No, Seriously, It's a professional sport

Aspen ... where the beer flows like wine and hundreds of women instinctively flock like the salmon of capistrano (suggested by Mark)

Feel free to add your own slogans as they come to you. Maybe I'll do one for other states too.