Fair To Midland - The Written Version

Since I am no longer doing the audio version, I think I will do a written version.

This month marks one year since I have lived in Midland. Last week marked one year with my new job. One year from my first day, my boss came into town to go over my performance contract for 2007. I still like it down here a lot more than I had expected to. Work has been very busy lately, but I guess days pass faster when you are busy than when you have nothing to do.

I have stopped seeing a lot of movies lately because there hasn't been a lot of good things coming out, but in the past couple weeks I have seen a couple that I liked. Hot Fuzz was playing at a theater over in Odessa, surprising, so I went to see it. It was pretty good. Not as good as Shaun of the Dead, but it came close. Its another group of people that will keep making movies and I will keep seeing them. I caught Spiderman 3. I should have waited. There were too many people in the theater for me to enjoy it, that is mostly because no one in Midland has the courtesy required to sit in a movie theater for 2 hours and not talk. It was fun to watch, but I don't think it was anything spectacular. The comedy of the egotistical Peter Parker was terrible, with another actor it might have worked. And finally 28 Weeks Later, this was by far the most impressive of the three movies I have seen lately. The story was great, the way they make the watcher feel isolated is great. There was however on terrible seen that was shot in first person sort of, and you couldn't tell what was going on. Over all though it was great.

Last month I got Yahoo Music Unlimited at work. This was a great decision and possibly should have done it earlier. There is a lot of music I don't own that I am able to listen to, but wouldn't necessarily want to own. I can listen to bands I think I would like, but wouldn't have bought without being able to hear entire tracks. I don't think I have purchased any new music, but I think this is enough.

I heard a great quote about music that I want to pass a long. I don't totally agree with it, but I like it. The quote was "The Beatles ruined rock and roll. They made great music, but they made other people think they could do it too." Following that the person also said that the Beatles are the reason punk rock was created and went on to say that the Clash ruined punk rock, because they made music that was both punk and pop and it made other bands think they could do it. I like what he said and the way in which he said it.

I still live in a tiny apartment, but I would like to find a house. The problem is that I don't commit to it. It is hard to find something when you only look once a month.

Next week I am heading to Farmington, NM. I am thinking that I might come into Denver for a couple of days afterward, but I haven't decided on that yet.