Hollywood, Why do you forsake me?

I don't know whether I have become more discriminating when it comes to seeing movies in the theater or if there has just been nothing even close to worth seeing in the last few months, but for the first time in a while I actually made a point of going to see a movie.

I have seen Casino Royale and Epic movie in the last two months, but both were because a buddy of mine asked if I wanted to, and since I rarely have anything going on, I went.

But this weekend, I made it a point to go see Ghost Rider. I had wanted to see it since I heard about it. The movie seemed really long and the story was really bad and the choice of actors was not very good. It was as if they had watched Little Nicky and thought, "Hey, that was a cool story, lets tell it again, except this time we will make it where instead of Adam Sandler saving the world, Nicolas Cage will."

Well, this is the last time that I see a movie just because I think the effects will be cool. It is the last time that I see a movie with Eva Mendez in it, unless she happens to appear in a View Askew movie. It is the last time that I think to myself, "How could this be bad?" and end up with no answer.

As for whether I have become more discriminate, I think it is probably a little bit of that and a little bit of movies that I want to see not playing here for more than a couple of days. What I know now is that my movie seeing budget has severely decreased in the last year and will probably remain down.