A new Fair to Midland is on the way, I promise. The problem lately has been that I can't get a good one together that sounds ok. And then tonight, when it was decided that I didn't care how it sounded, that a new episode just needed to get posted, Garage Band "Unexpectedly Quit" and I lost the 15 minutes that had been recorded.

So, imagine the song Fever Dog, by the fictional band Stillwater. Got it?


First, thank you to the people that introduced me to Brainage, Lego Star Wars, and Tivo. They are all three the perverbial "shit".

Tivo is my friend.
Netflix is also my friend, but we aren't as close.
I spent a week in Houston, it was good.
I bought a movie from iTunes, it was dumb.

I will elaborate when I get a new fair to midland together. Until then I will try to get another written post up. Something interesting not about what I had for lunch today.