I was actually planning on recording a new Fair To Midland tonight, but I became uninterested when I remembered that I had already recorded about 10 minutes and that I had planned on adding to it when I came back to it.

Here are the things I would have talked about after you heard the intro music which was Pearl Jam, of the Vs. album called GO:

I truly liked Pearl Jam back in the day. They used to make really good music. Ten and Vs. were great albums, then Vitology came out and it was ok. After that I totally stopped listening to their new records because I didn't like their music anymore. I have heard a song off of their new record and like it, so I may listen to more of the album when I get a chance.

Rockstar Supernova: Last season I was totally unintersed in this show. I don't know if it was because the band that the people were trying out for was INXS or something else, but this season I am really enjoying it, and I am sure it is because I get to watch Jason Newstead play bass and he is an awesome bass player (but does not show it on the show).

I don't really know why some of the people are there. I think there are only 3 or 4 people that actually have a shot at fronting this band, and when I recorded the first part I said, "I am certain that a woman will not front this band." Just to mention it, I have a musical predisposition of not liking female singers. I don't know why, but I really don't like many woman singers, but there are exceptions to that prejudice. The most recent is Schyler Fisk, who I heard a couple of tracks from the other day and really liked, but who knows if I heard the whole album if I would like it.

(I wrote this section while watching Rockstar)

I had my mind completely made up that a woman could not and would not front that band due the fact that the other members were Tommy Lee, Gilby Clark, and Jason Newstead; all from bands that rocked hard. Apparently their collaborative effort does not rock hard, it is just another incarnation of other bands that have already done something similar. Think Audioslave, who does not rock as hard as Rage Against the Machine, and Velvet Revolver who does not rock as hard as Guns N' Roses or Stone Temple Pilots.

Magni is in the bottom three, that is lame because he is the guy I see winning the thing.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I dislike any of those bands, just that they went from rocking hard to not rocking hard.

After tonight I believe it is possible, but not probable, that a woman can front the band.

(end Rockstar watching)

On a completely different note, Scrubs has been syndicated. Soon you will be able to watch Scrubs 5 times a week on WGN. I just like the idea that a show that I like is being syndicated. (24 has been in syndication for the last two years, but now my other favorite show can be watched often as well.)

Last week we had a saftey meeting in which we were told we had to wear hard hats while we were in the back warehouse. For about an hour I complied, but hard hats are terrible hat devices, they don't catch sweat and are generally uncomfortable to move around in. So I stopped wearing it because there is nothing that can fall on my head other that the crane, and if that falls, the hard hat ain't gonna help. I have at this point comfirmed that we do not have to wear hard hats in the back.

Finally you would have heard me bitch about the fact that there is blogger Beta, but I am not allowed to use it for some reason. I could start a new blog and use it, but at this time they are not willing to let me switch from old blogger to new blogger, even thought they have let some people switch already. F U Google/Blogger.

That is it for now. I may or may not record a new Fair to Midland this week. I hadn't picked outro music for this week because I hadn't finished it yet, but lets say it would have been Radio Head's Creep because I like that song and was reminded that I liked it tonight. Also, if you don't normally check the site, I link to other things on the side under the "I Can Read" section. I update it pretty often.