Two posts in one day is some kind of record for the last two months, I think.

I have been somewhat out of touch with anything interesting that is happening over the last month since I have been in Levelland, but I am back in Midland now and will be finding interesting things to write about. Soon I will be telling you all about the fantastic (or not so fantastic) movies I am going to see, telling you about all the interesting people I am meeting and great parties they throw, and letting everyone know all the crazy things I find in Texas that seem completely different than any other place that I have ever been.

For now I will just tell you that I like my apartment alot. I have my television all set up and it is really nice to watch movies on a bigger screen, but once you start watching it, there doesn't really seem to be a difference between it and a normal one.

Pictures are coming soon of my office, my apartment, my work attire, and of my computer that I dropped on the tile floor at my brother's house.