Tomorrow I actually start my job at Hughes, but I have already had two experiences with co-workers, and work in general. The first was my driver's training.

On Wednesday of last week my boss asked me to come in to do my driver's training since the guy was in town and it would be the easiest way to do it. It was a really rediculous course where you sit in a class for an hour and are told a bunch of stupid crap and then you go out in a car and prove that you learned the stupid crap. I call it stupid crap because this was the way I was taught to begin with. So, in the car you had to comment on your driving. You say things like, "I am in a lane with a large vehicle in front of me, therefore this is not my lane of least resistance. I am going to put on my turn signal to indicate to other drivers that I am going to switch lanes. I am now going to look over my shoulder to make sure no one is in my blind spot, check my mirrors and then I am going to change lanes." or "I have come to a full stop one car length behind the white line so that if I were rearended I would not be pushed into the intersection." You feel stupid commenting on what you are doing, but it was fun to hear other people do it and comment on the way they did it.

The second experience was a party on Saturday night. There were a ton of people there, including both my boss. It was a ball and I can't say it was in any way awkward, except the part where I tried to convince my boss that I hadn't been drinking. On the plus side, no matter how much I drank, I couldn't have outdone my sister-in-law's exit, she was the talk of the party. Also, talking to my boss totally sloshed couldn't top some of the other stories I heard.

Overall this has been a great experience so far and I look forward to starting work.

I will have a pictures of my dented computer coming by the end of the week and my first audio post before friday.