So I started listening to this band called Fall Out Boy a while ago. I happened upon their first major release in Best Buy, and decided to give it a listen because I was A. Looking for new music, B. they were on a known good label, and C. It was really cheap.

Jump forward to their second major release which came out on Island records. They are now all over Empty V and have singles playing on the radio. I have to say that I could not be happier for them as a band. The only problem I have is this. It is a picture of their fan club and them at a hotel in Tucson, AZ. The problem I have is that the only people even close to me in age in the picture are the band members.

Is that because only young people join fan clubs, or is it because their music is intended for children?

UPDATE: The link was broken for a while, but it now works. It was broken so long because the original was pulled.