intelligent Design vs. Evolution

One can really get caught up in the fact that one side has to be right and the other has to be wrong. There is no way that both could exist at the same time and neither could interfere with the other.(re-read with extreme sarcasm) The problem is that most of the people that are debating it are narrow minded and will continue to call each other just that, but will never realize that they, themselves, are also narrow minded.

The article linked above was funny and made an interesting point and it was put forth in a brilliant way. The people commenting on the site are not as interesting and probably not as intelligent. (read through just a couple and realize that they didn't get the point.) It became most obvious when reading the first comment that said something like, "I have a bat in my closet." It also becomes clear that some people don't have a sense of humor when reading comments like, "Who would want to live if this is world is all we have to live for?" God, if only we could figure out which was the sense of humor gene and clone it and give it to everyone.

I am for teaching inteligent design, it is just as valid now as teaching Macro-evolution (evolution between the species). However, I don't know that you teach it in a biology class or any science class for that matter. It is religion. You wouldn't want your math teacher giving a history lecture, would you?