I am watching the BTK guy thank all of his staff from the trial. It seems odd that a convicted killer would thank everyone. He talked about how well the officers did in finding him even though it took them a very long time. This is pretty incredible because of his crimes. The prosecution are holding the heads in their hands as if to say, "I can't believe he is doing this."

He is thanking the jailers now. The people that were in charge of making sure he remains behind bars.

I think he just thanked the judge.

He says he was completely honest during the trial, except to one man who visited him on a regular basis. He lied to that guy??? Why lie to the guy who is nice enough to come see you on a regular basis after you have admitted to killing people.

He thanked his kids for being supportive even though they are not around.

He appears to be crying a little bit.

It seems like there were alot of people supporting him regardless of his crimes.

Now, his final statement, is to apologize to the victims family.

That is all for commentary on the trial except for to say that

He only killed 10 people. You would think that based on all the coverage of this that the man was Adolf Hitler.