Isn't that what you do?

I just recieved a message on my work phone. The message sounded as follows:

"Hi Nick, its Charles, I have a missed call on my cell phone and I thought it might have been you. Call me back if it was."

*I actually wrote a lot more, but I think I will see what kind of comments I get on just that.

EDIT: So here is the edit to respond to the current comments. The answer is that he has the same phone that I used to have. It definately has caller id. It also has voice mail. The question you should have asked is: Does Charles know how to look at the caller id from past calls or does Charles know how to check voice mail?

- The answer to both of those questions is no. He also doesn't know any kind of cell phone etiquette, like don't talk on the phone in a check out line and basically yell on the phone.