Why am I suffering through this?

What happens when you have something to do, but have other obligations? Maybe this is needing to take your kids to school, or checking in on an elderly parent, or going to meet a friend for breakfast. I would think that most people would ask a neighbor, or maybe a family member that lives close enough to help, or even ask a friend who might not live close to you, but is willing to help.

In the case of my employers, they call their employee. I was called in to take their kids to school and check in on a couple of things for their personal lives. I do not believe that this is the description of my job, but I have found myself doing more and more of this throughout the last two years. It has become more my responsibility to look in on their personal lives than it has been to do my actual work.

I am trying not to be that mean because on of my employers is in the hospital and the other employer's parent is having surgery today.