I'm Learneding

For some reason I compared Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush in age. I then saw a photo of them golfing together. Clinton looked like my dad golfing, and Bush looked like my grandfather golfing right before he died. I had no idea that Bush is over 20 years older than Clinton, and that Clinton is actually younger than our current President Bush. I learn new things every day that I should probably not be.

The second thing I learned, last night, is that there is something fundamentally wrong with the NHL, or someone is a big liar. The NHL values the entire league at around 2.5 billion dollars, and that sounds like a hell of a lot of money. The NHL was recently offered 3.5 billion dollars to buy all 30 teams, that sound like a hell of a lot more money. The NHL refused an extra billion dollars to finish their involvement in the issue.

Learning is so much fun that I might try to do it tomorrow too.