This is On Star, how may I help you

The world has lost our beloved Rodney Dangerfield. He never looked very healthy, but I guess living to the age of 82 he was doing ok. While most articles are touting that he finally got a little respect, I don't think so with headlines that are using his jokes as bad puns.

I was driving home from lunch today listening to the radio and an advertisement for On Star came on. The premise of this advertisement was that a woman was driving her On Star equipped vehicle down the road when she saw a two year old wandering the streets in her pajamas. The woman proceeded to call On Star and On Star called the police and started a three way conference call between all the parties: the woman, On Star, and the police. The woman explains the situation and the police say that they are coming. The On Star agent offers to stay on the phone with her until the police arrive. The commercial ends by telling us that the girl was reunited with her family.

I don't get it. The parents were neglegent and they ended up getting their kid back anyway. Maybe they just have too many children to keep track of all of them, but it seems like there would have been some punishment for loosing your child and then having her wandering down the road in her pajamas. She was only two. I can't imagine she was plotting this break out for months.

Then there is my second point. The commercial is trying to sell consumers on how valuable this service is. That being the case why don't they use a situation that could not be solved without On Star. I have a cell phone. I could call the police and tell them what happened. Apparently, if I am the woman in the commercial, I have a car and even without a cell phone or On Star, I could have driven the child to somewhere that had a phone or just to the police station. It just doesn't seem like it is a necessity to have On Star in this particular situation. The agent basically worked as a middle man and time could have easily been cut out by just calling the police.

Thats it for the On Star debacle.

As for my boss' aneurysm, today it will most likely be caused by the fact that there can never be enough light on his side of the office. He has three of those halogen lamps that heat the room to a crisp 98 degrees, but obviously do not produce enough light for him.

Other good things about 2004:

From now on we're gonna call this roof A
Garden State
Senator Edwards awesome hand talking
From the Earth to the Moon(Although I think it came out last year)