100-93 + Today ... (3)

I decided that I want to do a top 100 of 2004 list, but that seems like quite a task. I can't sit down and write a list all at once and then try to type it while I am at work. As I know I will not be doing a full list at the end of the year because that would be far too much effort put forth at one time, I will start a top 100 list four months in advance so that I can do around 25 per month, or what would roughly be 1 for every working day.

These will be in no particular order, but maybe at the end of the year, or beginning of next year, I will compile them into a long list that will be ordered. I figure that i am about 8 days behind, so today I will give eight and then if I can remember to update, one for every work day after that.

100. Clerks X
99. Open Water(gave me inspiration for a great comedic post)
98. Kerry Flip Flop Olympics
97. The real olympics
96. Garden State
95. Ben Folds EPs (Super D, Speed Graphic, and Sunny 16)
94. Less Than Jake Anthem/B is for B-sides
93. Hornby's Songbook(although read published and read in 03, the re-read in 04 was great)

So that is all for the list today, look forward to another one tomorrow.

Also, TODAY...(3)
My boss' aneurysm will come from "His inability to stay healthy for a more than a week, and his inability to keep his children immune of all diseases by forcing vitamins down their throat every twenty minutes."