Here's to Work, Boredom, and another shitty weekend

Considering that everything at work is my fault, I am now refusing to take the blame for anything on the weekend. For example, if I were to rob a store at gun point and take all the money from the cash register and then take a bag of Frito-Lay chips...

It is not my fault. The blame falls directly on the person behind me in line. It has nothing to do with his guilt, or his position in life. Mostly it is just because that is the order in which we came in the store. Dustin Diamond could be behind me in the store, and this would still be the case.

Irrational anger is what I have just figured out my work could be defined as. My bosses are angry for either no reason, or a reason that does not actually exist. Nothing can ever be their fault because they spend far too much time figuring things out. Basically, they are taking my previously mentioned approach to life. The difference is that I only do it two days a week. They do it for their entire lives. Right now they are angry at a copier sales man from about 5 years ago, that sold them a copier/printer that worked very well, but now there is an issue and they think it is his fault. It couldn't be that they are running outdated systems and trying to print to a copier rather than just getting a good printer.

I am learning now though that just because they treat me like shit, doensn't mean that I constantly have to be angry. I don't mind if they want to be angry at me for something I didn't do, but I will refuse to give into their anger. Basically it is the same story as Episodes IV, V, VI of Star Wars. They want me to join the Dark Side, but I am all good. I may have had a bit of a lapse, but I wll never be a slave to the Emporer. Most likely my dad won't come to work and kill him though.