Soccer becomes a far more interesting sport when you drink and there is the anticipation of fireworks.

Today was a quite uneventful day other than stopping by work to get a couple of things done quickly so that the next day of hell weeks will run smoother. Near the end of the day a friend invited me to go to the Rapid's game, mostly to watch the fireworks afterward. Over the past few weeks I have become a little more interested in soccer because of some of the insane rules and how they work. So, I agreed to go. I found quickly that the game is not that interesting, but that if you consume much alcohol it becomes interesting. After the game tonight they shot off fireworks for a little of thirty minutes. Following the game we spent almost 1.5 hours trying to exit the parking lot. When we finally did, the police officers cut off the closest exit explaining that the exit was closed, "BECAUSE." Had we known their great reasoning we would not have asked. Fighting traffic on both Federal and I-25 was bad, but not as bad as was expected from the inside of the parking lot.

Independence Day will never be as good as it was today.