Ten days ago I put in a resume for a job that I really want. Something that I think would be perfect for me. The problem is that a little over a month ago I put in an resume for the same job in a different city and was rejected within a couple of hours. So maybe that is good news. Maybe they are really looking into hiring me this time and are unable to look away from my resume.

The problem then becomes that I am looking at a job in Phoenix with another company, that I think I am a shoe in for. I would take it the minute it is offered to me, but I really want the job previously mentioned. Why do they have to come in groups? Why couldn't I just have gotten in with one company and gotten a job, rather than having to sit around considering two.

The good news is that either way I will be leaving my current position and moving on to better things that will make me a much happier person. The bad news is that neither of the new jobs will be in Denver, which means I will have to move away from everyone I know. Super lame.